Thursday, February 5


Feeling wired.
Although, only on one cup of coffee and about 24 oz. of water.
Trying to drink more skin and lips were VRY dry...and I was feeling, in the words of a friend - "cellulite-y." She says she is drinking a GALLON a day. Do you know how much water that is??? SIXTEEN cups. If I push myself, I get about nine cups. I think my brain would drown.

A 14-year old is suspected of shooting a cop in the head here. That's younger than my youngest brother. WTF.
Everyone keeps saying how "psycotic" he must be because despite all the programs available to assist youth and keep them out of gangs and drugs in the area, he still "slipped thru the cracks."

My 17-year old cousin is in chemo. WTF. I think of her a lot.

Three weddings for my cousins within the next year. Whoa.

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