Thursday, January 15


Man, I have got the winter blues bad.
All I keep thinking about it family and how much I just want to chill out and veg.

I started my "new years" cleaning yesterday. I haven't cleaned since my parents were here at the beginning of November. It's lookin pretty grody.

My friends mother will be up here for a training seminar in two weeks, so I figured I better start now. It's just so annoying cause in order to do one thing you have to do another that needs something else done first. augh. Like rearranging the living room. It's such an awkward rectangle and the incoming traffic flow goes right thru the middle. Not to mention the outlets in weird places.

SO: for my sanity (and because I love procrastinating)
1) Living Room
- pick up dishes, misc,
- find a way to store electronic stuff (metal rack from office?)
-hang pictures
2) Dining Room
- pick up stuff from table and buffet
- Hang curtains
- find table cloth?
3) Kitchen
- Find a kitchen cart to reorganize for more counter space
- clean pots and pans
- clean spice jars
- find storage options
- bring stuff up to attic
- neaten desks
- space for crafts?
5)Spare Room
- wash floor
6) Bedroom
- wash sheets
- wash comforters (laundromat)
7) Basement
- clean cat doo and misc.

See? it's a little overwhelming.

Plus today is like -6354 degress (not really, it's 11) and everything in my body aches. Except maybe my belly.

::sigh:: one more day of work before the weekend...

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