Tuesday, September 16

Tempis fugit!

Mamamia.....I had no idea I was so neglectful. I forget sometimes that I like to write.

So, the Boy and I moved. I'm trying to fall in love with a new schedule (drive to work, go to gym, dinners...) but it'll come. It's only the first month. But I like it so far. It's more like a house than an apartment. (attic and basement access!) Also, a dining room. It's very "posh". Sorta. We don't really have furniture. But he have new couches!! Fancy reclining couches. (He won't let me eat snacks on them yet...)

What else....oh yes. Vacations! Wyoming. Awesome. And I got to hang out with my favorite girls? oh yeah. What else could I ask for?? and Maine. OMG. House right on the cliffs. Beautiful. A coupla snaffoos, (plumbing, plumbers and excesses of airborne addictions) but I saw a few whales, seals and got to lay out on the rocks doing nothing at all.

I think I'm made to not work. I just would have so much time to do what I really love. (p.s. - I hate my job. If you need an environmentalist, I'm the girl for you!)

Also....possibly...perhaps changing websites. The Boy has one all made up for me to blog and I haven't had the time to play around with it. Don't look for it anytime soon. Hell, I still gotta unpack!

Back to my growing up home this weekend, it's both of my little brothers b-days. Happy 21 and happy 14!!! (holy crap!)

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