Monday, May 5

A place to pause

I blew it. Already.

I wonder why it is so hard to keep this going. I'm so easily distractable.

This weekend my cousin and her boyfriend came to visit. We did about a million things (about 4) and were worn out by 1030 pm. Amazing.

My aunt and uncle just moved into a new house. It's a little sad because the one they moved out of was my first home. I also lived there for a time during college, not to mention all of the other times I was there while my parents were away. All of the dinners that were in the kitchen and frisbee golf games, the "playhouse" and the soggy place at the bottom of their yard...the basement (which was perfect for the Halloween haunted houses they had), all the hot chocolate after the sledding trips, all the card games and family chats. Yeah, it was a cute little house on the hill.

However, I hear their new house is beautiful, large and very happy to have a family in it. I hear there is a large 4 season porch, a finished basement with a bar downstairs and 3 full bathrooms. I'm glad they are so happy about the house, they deserve a nice place.

I create attachments to places. My parents are also talking about moving. The house where they live now is TINY, needs a lot of work, and is on the edge of an iffy neighborhood. And yet, I will be sad when they leave that house. That was where I grew up! That was where I had my sleepovers with the seances and that was where my Boyfriend and I would stay up late and watch tv way past when he was supposed to go home.

In reality, houses are just a place, just a stop where life takes place, just like on any vacation or any short term stay. But when you put a personality to a location it's hard to just look away. It was good to hear that is why my aunt and uncle did on the last day before they left. Walked through the empty house, and said their goodbyes. This is my goodbye to the blue house on the hill.

Thanks house. :o)

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