Thursday, May 8

Few things -

I just need to talk about them or else I won't get any work done.

*As of a week from Monday, I will be a certified asbestos project monitor. As such, I will be missing a week of work starting THIS Monday. I am already behind for THIS week. Weird.

*Mothers day is this weekend and the Boy and I are going to venture to our hometown. I will also (hopefully) be going to an Eve6 concert!! So, I will not be able to stay here to catch up on Friday.

*Physical therapy for my wrists after work (yesssss...heaaat) and then a meeting with a personal trainer to get my crap in shape. I have a 4.1 mile hike with camping equipment to do in August!

*El Boyfriend and I had a rather interesting lunch. We were having burritos (Taco John's on South Ave = Amazing), and he has a direct line of sight to the street. Well, it is apparently located right across from the "halfway house from hell." People wandering around tearing up sticks, talking to themselves, drug deals.... Yeah. I think of myself as pretty clueless, but it was so obvious, even I saw it. My favorite was "tearin' stuff up guy." Such a unique neurosis.

*Office politics. Seriously folks. Chill out.

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