Wednesday, March 5


I feel like time is always trying to get away from me.
Like time is trying so very hard not to get cooties from me.
I just want to be able to get everything done. However, I am Ms. Anti-Task apparently.

Work words I now use everyday:
-As such

I tend to get a bit carried away when I go to take a "break" at work. On the internet.
Such a stupid way to take a break.

Ways to take a 10 minute break at work:
-Take the long way to the water fountain
-Read the editorials in the newspaper
-Take the stairs to the top floor and back down
-Walk to the coffee shop

I get frustrated when work piles up unexpextedly. Liiiike...when I have a due date for a report that afternoon, and I'm really starting to get rolling and someone knocks on the wall of my cube and says: hey, are ya busy?
No, dork. I'm just sitting at work getting some knitting done.

Ways to manage time:
-Make lists
-Buy a calender
-Write in said calender
- .......
(as you can see....not so good at this part.)

::sigh:: I need help.

I have been doing my current job since....the end of October. That means that I have been doing multiple projects at any one time for 4 months now. How come I have not YET gotten the hang of it? That is a long friggin time. (As compared to "Okay, here is this dance sequence. Lets do it 5 times. Okay, now show it to me.) It's very frustrating to me that I am not good at it right away.

Things I want to do tonite that will probably not get done:
- Go running (probably will do this)
- Set out clothes for tomorrow
- clean the bathroom
- make a lunch and snacks for tomorrow
- make apple and cottage cheese pancakes
- finish a report

Things I think about doing all the time and never get to:
- Make jewelry
- Clean
- Write
- Read and have coffee at a cafe
- Time management
- Get my medical responsibilities in order
- Cook and write in the blog
- Backrubs
- Hiking
- Exercising
- Planning trips
- Cleaning out my clothes

I think I expect a lot out of myself.

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