Friday, March 7

100 Things to Do Before I Go

This is inspired by MightyGirl Blog. This is one of those blogs I read everyday. It's just a personal blog, but everything she does seems so professional. She's got killer style and she seems like a fun person to be around. Anyway, she decided to invite her readers (that's me! but I lurk... I rarely leave comments) to complete a list of things to do before you croak. However, she put it in a more tactful way. (Ah, that style, I love it!) So: I begin.

1. Visit Japan
2. Write a book
3. Return to Costa Rica
4. Have babies
5. Build an environmentally friendly house
6. Learn how to work an espresso machine
7. Learn Spanish, French, Arabic and conversational Japanese
8. Become a trail guide
9. Go backwoods hiking
10. Plant and maintain a successful garden
11. Own a dog
12. Run a marathon
11. Visit Alaska to see the northern lights
12. Help put my niece thru college (if she wants to go)
13. Live in Washington or Oregon
14. Have family dinners at least 3 times a week
15. Take my parents on a vacation
16. Take Mrs. Z to Ireland
17. Donate a lot of money to my Environmental Studies department
18. Help create a nature preserve
19. Delineate wetlands
20. Learn to do woodworking
21. Drive across country
22. Get myself into a few theater performances
23. Learn to play the piano
24. Carve pumpkins, make snowmen and bake cookies with my kids
25. Keep a goldfish for longer than a month


The Piano Wizard Queen said...

I think most of us want to learn how to play a certain instrument "before we go." You can learn how to play the piano without having to pay expensive private lessons. Thanks to Piano Wizard, you can now learn to play the piano and read notes as well. Piano Wizard is a video game not only meant for kids but for adults as well who want to learn how to play the piano.

Lorih said...

I love your list. I have one of these, too. #4 and #21 on your list are my secret desires.

Good luck with it all!