Sunday, January 6

Sunday Night, Again.

How crappy.

Another anxiety filled Sunday evening before the work week begins again. I shake my head trying to deduce how I got to dislike my job so much. I'm hoping it's just for the moment. My boss keeps telling me how these are just the busiest months, don't worry. Somehow, I am not convinced.

The tv is broken. This stupid apartment had a electricity surge that foiled the expensive surge protector purchased for the expensive tv. Because the outlets are not grounded.
So my Boy is miserable, no daily Family Guy, no daily video games, and damn it, no nice tv that he really worked hard to get.

And now, the upstairs neighbors are partying like it's flippin new years.
"Its SUNDAY people!! be miserable like the rest of us!!!!"

The nerve.

Man, it will be great when we have our own house.
Until then...we suffer.
Ciao, my fellow miserables!

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