Tuesday, January 1

New Year!

New year! New post!
(I am letting you know ahead of time that this started off as a personal post, but hey, might as well jump into what I've been thinking about doing for a while. Good luck to ya, reader!)

I actually feel slightly depressed today. (Of course that might be the work load I have awaiting me in a certain building downtown that I spend more than the customary 8 hours a day in.)
I'm bummed that I'm feeling like I hate this job. Because it's environmental, it's a salary, and it's benefits. What else could I possibly ask for??
I know what I really want:
No deadlines.
Man, I freaking HATE deadlines. Nothing makes me want to sit down and do nothing more that deadlines. What's that I hear? You want this by the end of the week? Why, no better time then for me to go looking on the internet and planning out my dinners for the rest of the month. No better time then, for me to catch up with friends on gmail chat!
OI. I tell ya. It even drives ME nuts.

Bitching aside--
My favorite Boy suggested that I start an on-line journal about my cooking "experiments."
Me: "Um, like a Food Blog?"
Boy: "Yeah, where you take pictures of what you are making and say how it comes out and give the recipe."
Me: "Oh man, do you know how many FANTASTIC food blogs are out there? And how professional they look?? Like this one, or this one? Oh geez, and I LOVE this one."

My little obsession with food blogs has not gone unnoticed by him. In fact, I spend so much time oogling over them, they are now referred to as "Food Porn." And all of my favorite ones reside in a bookmark folder of the same name. Sad really.

Finally getting to the point, the Boy has started things off with a Coffee Cake which my guy decided to make while I was away on my vacation.

And...here's the ingredients.
You can see the flour, sugar, brown sugar, butter, generic vanilla (it's still vanilla!) and what appears to be baking powder and soda in shot glasses. Hm.

And the machine that makes it all possible. The Mixer. I love this Mixer. It loves me. We want to have awesome bakery babies together.

Anyway, as you can see: butter and...um...eggs? It looks like the butter was a bit cold still, and that box should probably be moved out of the kitchen if we are going to be doing this more often. I'm not exactly sure what is in there at that point...this was the Boy's project.

Man. I have no clue what that stuff is. Brown sugar? with something? I'm really going to have to be present when we do this again.

And a side view of the nearly finished product.
This is a busy picture. soda in the back ground, with some random spices and the ugly wood wall and the dreaded stove.
The actual act of applying heat to what I've combined really ruins everything for me. Literally. Burning, and overdoing, and underdoing happens a lot more than it probably should.
I blame the stove.

Which brings me to the next point: no pictures of the final product. It was a little bit of a disaster probably based on a two things:
1. No sour cream. The recipe called for sour cream, but there was none in the house and Boy wanted his coffee cake right then. "Hey, I'll just leave it out!" he says. Why not?
2. No bundt pan. He said he didn't know what one was, but that's ok, we don't own one anyway. (FYI - It's the pan that has a hole in the middle and looks like a mold so the finished cake has a shape.) Because of the lack of a hole, it didn't cook evenly. Stupid stove. (See? blame the stove. It's better.)
3. The camera quality is a little shady. The one I have is a little old and doesn't really have a stability thing, so many pictures are pretty bad. The ones here are the best of the bunch. Pretty good considering what he had to work with!
Sure enough, when I got home, there was the remnants of the cake, bubbled over the edge and crusty. Not pretty.
It's a learning experience.

Just like this post. Just trying things out, testing the photos and the posting procedures, blah blah blah.
We'll see how things go.

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