Saturday, March 17

Weekend of Green and Recovery

Completed this week:
1. An elusive site visit in the Tenderloin.
2. Whiskey Pound Cake via: Oh The Cuteness! (I um, used a really, really strong whiskey.)
3. And sent off a loaf to the homefront for St. Patty's Day tasting.
4. Salads!
5. Delicious Leek and Lemon Poached Chicken over teeny bowties.
6. Laundry. Yes, all of it.
7. A practically spotless kitchen!
8. Holding off a killer cold. (with lots of naps. mmm, naps.)

Weekend Plans:
1. Corned Beef, cabbage and taters.
2. Guinness.
2. Irish soda bread (not the real kind, the stuff with currants and caraway)
3. Brown Bread (to go with meals)
4. I want to do coffee blondies, but ran out of brown sugar.
5. Store, to get more brown sugar.
6. Still need a shelf/workstation for my printer and various papers I've been collecting.
7. Yoga?
8. Craft fair Sunday. Woo!

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