Saturday, November 19

Monterey Bay Aquarium

The Boy took me here for my birthday two weeks ago. We went the day after my actual birthday because it was Veterans Day and he had the day off! Um, so did everyone else. Still, despite the noise and the traffic, it was still a GREAT place to go.

This was a shot of part of the migrating salmon exhibit...turned out looking so surreal!

Thar she blows! There were otters out there :o)

And then the otters in the exhibit! I think combined, we spent 30-40 mins just watching these ladies. They are so amazing.


And seahorses! This one is a baby - they had a bunch in an exhibit with magnifying glass so you could see them well!

Today was a nice quiet day. Tested this caramel creams "cow tales" recipe from another blog. Didn't really work out for me...some of the caramel was overdone and some was soft enough to roll into the cow tales shape. I made 8 little ones though! The rest I broke I have to figure out what to do with it! I thought maybe I could use it to sweeten my coffee. BF decided that we just have to eat it. Slowly. Over time. :o) Though I did make caramel for the first time, so I'm glad I took that first step! I'm going to try again for xmas gifts.

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