Tuesday, August 18


Well, in a way. I received a call from a county health department nurse.

Her: We just wanted to give you a call, normal procedure for communicable disease.
Me: Um, I'm sorry, what?
Her: Oh, we got a call regarding your lab information testing positive for salmonella?
Me: Oh, hm, alright, they didn't call me. But thanks for letting me know!

Ya see, I was pretty out of commission for about a week. Specifically, the lower end of my digestive system was not cooperating. I went to a walk in and was prescribed antibiotics for a "potential food poisoning." I slowly recovered. However, I didn't hear anything, so I just assumed it was my body rejecting caffeine, dairy, whatever.

I can have coffee again!!!

So, this nurse has a questionnaire to go thru with me, I'm sure regarding what I ate and where. We'll see what happens with that and if anyone else got sick.

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