Friday, June 26

Many things:

Watching: The weather rapidly go from Thunderstorm to Sun to Thunderstorm in less than 5 hours. oh look, here's the rain.

Listening: Silence, beautiful silence at the office.

Waiting: To go out on a site visit. Yes, in the rain. Oh look, lightning!

Fretting: Work life just got crazy.

Confused: A mother from the dance studio the Boy's Mother runs just accused me of having to pull her YOUNGER daughter out of the studio because I showed the Boy's Mother that the OLDER daughter called the Boy's Mother some nasty things....on Facebook. Of which I was friends with her. Of which she knows I am dating the dance teachers son. People, the internet is never safe. I'm not worried, I'm pretty darn sure the Boy's Mother doesn't want to deal with that mother anymore.

Excited: for the weekend! Woohoo!

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